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The way I took it though was that television, fame, media, money and girls have influenced Mac in a negative way. An example is at the end of the video, there is a Cross made out of of tv's and in one of the tv's Mac is lying inside of a casket, possibly symbolizing that his fame will be the death of him. It's certainly led to a lot of internal conflict for Mac.

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I don't think Mac believes he is an asshole or bad person. I mean in his older song "Doodling in the key of C Sharp" there's a line where Mac says "You don't know me and if you did you'd say i'm nice We're a community for Mac Miller fans.

Mac Miller and the 'Illuminati' lyric clarity. Use of symbolism doesn't mean anything and lyrics aren't necessarily truthful to mac's belief He also talks a lot about being Jewish so.

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Examples from the videos? I wouldn't know what to look for P.

Mac Miller- Clarity

Earl sweatshirt is awesome. Community Details. Subscribe Create Post. All content must be related to Mac Miller. Be respectful to other users in the subreddit. I lived a certain life for 10 years and faced almost no real consequences.

Mac Miller - Clarity Lyrics | SongMeanings

It is not hard to imagine why Miller was in dire need of a reality check. Before he had turned 20, his first album, Blue Slide Park , became the first independently distributed debut to top the Billboard charts since His rhymes got tighter and the beats trippier, often under his production alias, Larry Fisherman. He sang as much as he rapped on The Divine Feminine , an intoxicating exploration of the ways we are transformed by love. Swimming seems informed by a similar sentiment. His fifth official album is an ambling song journey towards self-acceptance, one that does not end in triumph.

Mac Miller "Dang!" Official Lyrics & Meaning - Verified

And, mostly, Miller seems fine with that. But halfway through, the beat switches to woozy space-funk, and light peeks through the clouds: Swimming, as a whole, drifts by at the same leisurely pace — it is a patient record in sound and concept. Gentle orchestral arrangements occasionally forgo percussion, as on the swelling opener, Come Back to Earth, on which Miller elaborates on the album title: However, even the brightest moments on Swimming feel measured, informed less by outright happiness than by the lightness of being.