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Blurry, dark, or duplicate photos are ignored so your slideshows only include the best. I found the algorithm to work well for the most part but favors faces, excluding some really good shots. Luckily, you can add them manually.

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If you don't like what RealTimes came up with the first time, you can hit the 'Remix' button to randomize that Story. The app also features video filters, but they're all pretty terrible. You're better off adding your own filters from or before using them to create Stories in RealTimes. There's also a social network aspect to RealTimes.

Mac OS Sierra Upgrading, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 To 10.12.6

Your friends and family will be alerted when you add new photos, videos, or create stories. Thankfully RealTimes doesn't force users into signing up. You can still share RealTimes stories with your friends who don't have an account.

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Sharing a Story on Facebook shows up as an embedded video that plays right there in your friends' timeline. During my testing, Stories created by RealTimes worked flawlessly on my devices.

RealPlayer for Mac OS X

There's no need to export your video to a specific file format. The app auto-converts the video to each platform using RealPlayer technology. One nice thing about RealTimes is that it scans all of your photos and videos, including ones you forgot about. This makes revisiting your old photos fun and a hit with your friends.

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Free to use but best with a subscription RealTimes is free to use and comes with 2GB of cloud storage for free and are limited to 30 second Stories. Users can get an additional 5GB of storage for enabling Auto Upload in the app. This feature automatically uploads all your photos and video clips to the cloud and will automatically be made into Stories. You can tweak each story before sharing, adding your own music, switching transition effects, or swapping the order of your photos and videos. Subscriptions will get you more storage and features. Feb 18, 8: Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

I am absolutely new at this and need to learn the etiquette. So of course the box was empty because I don't have the component. I don't even know what it is. Do you or anyone else know what this is and how I can download it or whatever I need to do?

Download RealPlayer 10 for Mac -

Feb 18, Page content loaded. Feb 17, 2: I think from the sounds of it you're trying to run RP from a mounted.

Feb 18, 3: Feb 18, 9: Converter it converts and copies the clip for other apps or I can then use the copy in ITunes. I downloaded a clip from UTube and opened the file up in the player. There is absolutely no sound or video. I've tried all kinds of troubleshooting to no avail.

Everything seems to be in order in my applications. If anything I've said triggers anything please let me know. Feb 27, 3: Ihaven't replied because I've been ill. Here the link to the original Real Player download http: I uninstalled all Real Player Utilities and files on my hard drive and downloaded it again.

I cannot get a clean copy. The clips I downloaded are still there and so is the problem, no audio, no video. I opened up the console and it's like reading a different language, literally! If I could figure out thes tring of messages or errors in computer language specifically related to Real Player, I could narrow the errors down from the search box.

Because there were many other messages in the console. Feb 28, Feb 28, 8: Bless you, it works! Then I followed the directions RE: Feb 28, 9: When I tried to play clip got msg: Have no idea what to do? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.